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The Elevator Pitch

Competitive Profile of Constanța

Constanța is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, and has registered a faster annual growth rate between 2000 and 2015 than Singapore in its period of fast economic expansion (1965-1980).
Its three major competitive advantages are:


Constanța is the biggest port on the Black Sea and plays a major role in the European intermodal transport network, being favorably located at the intersection of the commercial lines linking the markets of the landlocked countries of Central and Eastern Europe with the region of Transcaucasus, Central Asia and the Far East.


The fine white sand beaches make Constanța one of the most attractive tourism spots in Romania, bringing people during the summer months for a tropical experience that’s close to home. According to a World Bank survey, half of the Romanian population (around 10 million people) has visited Constanța at least once in the past 5 years.


Constanța is the only city in Romania with a port, airport, and railway connection. The city is well connected by highway and high-speed rail to Bucharest, to the Danube River through the Black Sea – Danube Channel (so it can receive barges from within mainland Europe), and it is the only city in Romania with a highway bypass.


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Competitive Salaries

Ensuring affordable employment

In 2017, the average monthly net salary in Constanța was 2,126 Romanian Lei (around 470 Euro, or around $530). When compared to average 2017 monthly net salaries in other EU countries, Constanța is quite competitive from this point of view.

Average monthly net salaries in EU countries, in 2017


For companies settling in Constanța, the maximum available State Aid is 37.5 million Euro, and the gross intensity of the state aid cannot exceed 50% of eligible expenditures.

State Aid

Local authorities can also support private investment project, that go above a certain ceiling of job creation and investment values, within the framework of the local de minimis aid schemes. The Municipality of Constanța applies such a de minimis scheme (through Local Council Decision 2075/2016), reducing the property tax by 50% for companies that invest in the tourism sector.

STATE AID - GD 807/ 2014
Minimum EUR 10 mil. investment

stimulating investments that have a major impact on the economy

  • Construction of new buildings
  • Renting costs for existing buildings
  • CAPEX aimed at technical installations and tools
  • Acquisition of intellectual property
More details
STATE AID - GD 332 / 2014
Minimum 10 new jobs/ per location

support investments that promote regional development by creating jobs

  • Salary costs registered for a 2 consecutive year period resulted as a direct consequence of the investment
  • Salary costs are comprised of gross average annual salary plus benefits
  • The new jobs are to be kept for a term of at least 5 years for large enterprises
  • The new jobs are to be kept for a term of at least 3 years for the small and medium enterprises
More details

Details on state aid schemes can be obtained here: http://investromania.gov.ro/web/state-aid/