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Who Drives Growth in Constanța

Main sectors that drive the economy in Constanța


Main sectors in Constanța

The main sectors that have driven the Constanța economy in recent years are: oil production; tourism; ship building; retail; and, real estate. Real estate, entertainment (arts and recreational activities), and oil refining have registered the most dynamic growth in recent years. Main exports include: oil products; ships; agricultural products (one of the main products handled by the Constanța Port); and metals (also handled by the Port).

The economic sectors in Constanța with the highest gross value added

Source: Romania National Statistics Institute


Constanța: an ideal Investment site

The existent port infrastructure, as well as good connective infrastructure (ring road, highway to Bucharest, high-speed rail to Bucharest, channel to the Danube) make Constanța an ideal Investment site for logistics companies and manufacturing companies.

Change in the gross value added between 2007 and 2015, by major economic sector

Source: Romania National Statistics Institute


Constanța is an ideal location for multiple investment opportunities

Constanța is actually an ideal investment site for assembly work (particularly for bulky products, such as automobiles or electronics), for companies outside the EU looking to get access to the EU markets. Constanța’s tourism based and substantial potential for growth make it an ideal location for public-private investments in tourism infrastructure with a focus on expanding the international tourism market.

The dynamic and structure of exports (FOB) for the Constanța county, between 2007 and 2017

Source: Romania National Statistics Institute