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Driving growth to Constanța

Labor force

people gainfully employed in Constanța

Around 176,500 people were gainfully employed in the Constanța Metropolitan Area at the 2011 Census. Of these, 83% worked for a private company, 12% worked for the public sector, and 5% were self-employed. Much of the Constanța labor force works in retail (20%), transport (14%), manufacturing (particularly oil production and ship building) (12%), and construction (8%).

The main sectors of employment for the labor force in the Constanța Metropolitan Area

In 2017, the average monthly salary in Constanța was 2,126 Romanian Lei (around 470 Euro, or around $530), with a substantial variation between individual sectors. The highest salaries are offered in the following sectors: oil and gas (~$1,500); extraction industry (~$1,350); petrochemical industry (~$1,225); the production and distribution of energy (~$1,200); air transport (~$875); water transport (~$805); ship building (~$760); public administration (~$750); warehousing and auxiliary transport services (~$705); financial intermediation and insurance (~$660).

The evolution of the average salary in Constanța, and other Romanian cities, between 2008 and 2017

Salary evolution

Evolution of the average salary

The lowest monthly salaries were offered by sectors such as: textiles (~$220); paper products (~$235); leather products (~$250); furniture (~$260); waste collection (~$310); plastics industry (~$315); hotels and restaurants (~$320); food industry (~$330); retail (~$335); insurance (~$355); cleaning and protection services (~$375); agriculture ($380); and real estate transactions (~$385).