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Of the population aged 10 or over in Constanța, 26% have tertiary education, around 37% have graduated high-school, 15% finished vocational education, and the other 29% have either primary or secondary education.

Of the people with tertiary education, 29% have finished studies in economics, 13% transport and telecommunication, 11% legal studies, 5% humanist studies, and 5% in engineering. In 2015, 3,785 students graduated from a university in Constanța, with an additional 1,132 graduating from a masters program, and 59 graduating from a Ph.D. program.

Of the people with high-school education, 37% finished a theoretical high-school, 34% a technical school, 10% a professional school focused on tourism / retail / services / administration / economic, and 4% specialized in transport. 4,000 high-school students have graduated in Constanța in 2017.

Educational attainment of the population in the main cities in Romania, in 2011

Source: Romania National Statistics Institute

The largest university in Constanța is “Ovidius” University, with 16 faculties, 87 specialties (covering a broad spectrum, from economics and law, to engineering, construction, and medicine) and around 10,000 students. The Constanța Maritime University trains around 5,000 students in the area of marine science and sea navigation. The ”Mircea cel Bătrân” Naval Academy is a military tertiary institution, under the coordination of the Ministry of National Defense, with a total of around 2,000 students.

There are an additional 4,500 students enrolled in some form of post-high-school education. Of these, around 34% graduate in an industrial specialization, 30% specialize in the health sector, and 18% specialize in tourism, retail, administration, or economics.

The number of university graduates in Constanța, in main study areas, in 2015

Source: Romania National Statistics Institute